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Bless you Murray for you are 100 years old

Yours is a story that has to be told

We here know you are a true hero

For in WWII you confronted the Japanese Zero

In the army you were a US Ranger

Your job was to keep us out of danger

Along the way you changed course

and joined the US Air Force

You became a navigator and your crew flew 39 missions

over Japan

You brought them home safe and your pilot said you are

the man

Before the bomb fell on Hiroshima you dropped leaflets as

a warning

Little did you know the atomic age was dawning

You've been married to Gladys for more than 70 years

a true love story that can bring us all to tears

We here are so lucky to know you

as an American hero who fought in World War II

You are a modest man but you have the right to boast

I for one am so pleased to offer this toast.

Delivered by best friend and author Jerry Yass on the occasion of Murray Moore's 100th birthday Jan. 17, 2017

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