'Bagels Over Berlin'

An award winning documentary celebrating Jewish veterans of the Army Air Corps in WWII

Irwin Stovroff - iPhone intervew describing
 the relationship with his co-pilot which
 began with a bigoted comment but later blossomed into a life-long friendship

Sid Katz, Ed Elkins and Mickey Gotlin
recall their experiences from WWII

Murray Moore

Navigator on a B-29 bomber in WWII, Murray was introduced at the premiere of a PBS documentary recounting establishment of the then 'top secret' Boca Raton Air Base built in 1943.

At age 101, Murray was the last surviving veteran who trained at the base in 1943. His introduction at the premiere of the film brought an emotional and enthusiastic response from the audience when they realized who was sitting in the audience and what he did for his country long ago.

The Boca Raton Air Base was established as part of a top secret project to train aviators in the new radar technology brought from England. After the war, the base was closed and is now the home of Florida Atlantic University.